104th Infantry Regiment, Massachusetts Army National Guard

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Coat of arms (crest) of the 104th Infantry Regiment, Massachusetts Army National Guard

Official blazon

Shield: Per chevron and enhanced Argent and Azure, in chief a cross Gules, between six mullets pilewise a crenelated torch of the first flamant of three of the third, and in base an Indian arrowhead point to base of the first.
Crest: That for the regiments of the Massachusetts National Guard: On a wreath of the colors Argent and Azure a dexter arm embowed clothed Blue and ruffed White Proper the hand grasping
a broad sword Argent the pommel and hilt Or.
Motto: FORTITUDE ET COURAGE (Fortitude and Courage)


The shield is white and blue - the old and the present Infantry colors. Indian Wars and disturbances are indicated by the Indian arrowhead. The cross of St. George recalls Revolutionary War service. The "per chevron" division of the shield represents the "Bloody Angle" at Spotsylvania during the Civil War. The crenelated portion of the torch is representative of Spanish War service. The torch was a device painted on the 104th Infantry equipment during World War I for easy identification, the three flames representing the three centuries of existence of the 104th Infantry. The six mullets symbolize the six major engagements during World War I. The Crest is that for Regiments and Separate Battalions of the Massachusetts Army National Guard.

The coat of arms was originally approved for the 104th Infantry Regiment on 1926-11-05. It was redesignated for the 104th Infantry Regiment on 1961-04-08 under the Combat Arms Regimental System (CARS).

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