1st Signals Regiment Uppland Regiment, Swedish Army

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Raised: This Regiment was named Uppland Regiment conmemorating the Infantry Regiment of this name.
Disbanded: 2006

Arms of 1st Signals Regiment Uppland Regiment, Swedish Army

Arms of 1st Signals Regiment Uppland Regiment, Swedish Army

(Shoulder Strap Insignia)

Official blazon

I rött fält Upplands vapenbild, ett riksäpple av guld. Skölden lagd över ett knippe viggar av guld. Motto: (not shown) Här finns inga omöjligheter = Here is no impossibilities|-

English Signals Regiment Uppland Regiment, Swedish Army No blazon/translation known. Please click here to send your (heraldic !) blazon or translation


Provincial Arms of Uppland with the Lightning Bolts of the Signal Troops.
The Motto was the creation in 1920 by the then Regimental Commander Colonel K.A.B. Amundson.

Regimental Colour

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Literature: Christian Braunstein: Heraldiska vapen inom det svenska försvaret - Heraldry of the Swedish Armed Forces; Tjänstemeddelanden för Försvarsmakten TFG 950009. Regimental Colours from Christian Braunstein: Svenska Försvarsmaktens fälttecken efter millennieskiftet - Flags and Standards of the Swedish Armed Forces after the Turn of the Century.