2nd Information Operations Battalion, US Army

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Arms of 2nd Information Operations Battalion, US Army

Arms of 2nd Information Operations Battalion, US Army

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shield: Per quarterly Sable and Argent, a sword point up blade of the like with a grip of leather Proper, the top area of blade is between three stars, one on dexter side, the hilt area is between three stars, one on dexter side Or, and a lightning bolt saltirewise of the last; a bordure Vert.
Crest: none
Motto:INDICIUM DOMINATUS (Information Dominance).


Shield: The 2d Information Operations Battalion, First Information Operations Command (LAND) is a branch immaterial multi-component unit, with Operations, Intelligence, and Signal tasks and provides for new and important forms of warfare. The green border symbolizes the worldwide operations of the unit, emphasizing the “LAND” aspect of their mission. The black and white colors represent the unit’s continuous “round the clock” watch. The lightning flash denotes speed, agility, and exploitation of the adversary. The sword denotes strength and dominance of the information environment. The shield represents the steadfast and assured defense of the Army’s networks. The gold stars represent the six detachments of the Battalion deployed to each theater of operations.

The coat of arms was approved on 4 May 2007.

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