548th Support Battalion, US Army

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Arms of 548th Support Battalion, US Army

(Coat of Arms)
Arms of 548th Support Battalion, US Army

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shield: Buff, on a wreath of mountain ash Proper a mullet Celeste, overall a sword fesswise point to dexter Or.
Crest: From a wreath Or and Celeste a mural crown Gules mortared Sable superimposed by a fleur-de-lis Azure surmounted by two scimitars saltirewise of the first.
Motto: Supporting the Sword.

Distinctive Unit Insignia, Description: On a gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/4 inches (3.18 cm) in width overall, the top curving and forming an apex, a horizontal unsheathed gold sword, point to the left and surmounting a light blue five pointed star, supported by two green branches of mountain ash, the ends crossed in base all above a gold scroll bearing the motto "SUPPORTING THE SWORD" in black letters.


Buff is the colour of Support Units. The Mountain Ash, commonly known as the Service Tree symbolises the many activities of the Battalion. The Star refers to multifunctional support. The Sword represents military preparedness. The Fleur-de-lis symbolises service in Northern Franc during World War.

The Distinctive Unit Insignia was originally approved for the 548th Supply and Services Battalion on 7 July 1967 and redesignated for the 548th Support Battalion on 16 November 1993.

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