5th Infantry Regiment, US Army

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Arms of 5th Infantry Regiment, US Army

(Coat of Arms)
Arms of 5th Infantry Regiment, US Army

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shield: Argent on a fess Gules between seven muzzle-loading cannons Sable and arrow Or; all within a bordure gyronny of eight Vert and Gules alternating with gyrons of the field.
Crest: On a wreath of the colors an arm, in armor enbowed grasping in a mailed hand Proper nine arrows Sable armed and flitted Gules.
Motto: "I'LL TRY, SIR."


The shield is white (Argent) the color of infantry facings when the regiment was organized. The red fess with arrow commemorates the battle of Tippecanoe; the seven cannons captured there show the battle of Lundy's Lane; while the border of green, white and red is for the Mexican War. The crest is a modification of the crest of General Nelson A. Miles who led the regiment in several notable Indian engagements. His crest is an arm in armor grasping an anchor; 9 arrows, one for each Indian campaign, is substituted for the anchor in the regimental crest.

The coat of arms was originally approved on 27 May 1921. It was amended to change the motto and history on 29 June 1922.

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