9th Cavalry Regiment, US Army

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History : Constituted 28 July 1866 as 9th Cavalry. Organized 21 September 1866 at Greenville. La.
Inactivated 7 March 1944 in North Africa. Converted and redesignated 20 October as 509th Tank Battalion.
Activated 1 November 1950at Camp Polk, La. Inactivated 10 April 1956 at Fort Knox, Ky.
Reorganized and redesignated 1 December 1957 as 9th Cavalry.

Coat of arms (crest) of the 9th Cavalry Regiment, US Army

Official blazon

Shield : Or, on a pile azure in chief a sun of eight points of rays between three five-pointed mullets two and one of the field,
in base over all the block house of San Juan Hill, Santiago, Cuba, proper.
Crest : On a wreath of the colors a horseshoe with nine nail holes heels down argent winged purpure debruised by two
arrows in saltire sable armed and flitted gules.
Motto : We Can, We Will.


The Pile with sun and stars allude to the Flag of the Philippine Insurrection. The Block House at San Juan was captured by the Regiment in 1898.
The Winged Horseshoe symbolizes the alertness of the mounted man. The Arrows symbolizes participation in the Indian Wars.

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Literature: Armor-Cavalry Historical Services Division Office of the Chief of Military History, Department of the Army.