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Abadie : Flaggen und Wappen der Welt


Album information :

  • Issued by : Abadie, Vienna, Austria
  • Date of issue : 1928-33
  • Number of stamps/cards : 3877
  • Image variants : around 15 changed images; several hundreds of reprints with text variations

Albums for download : Album 1(https://payhip.com/b/xFiD) and Album 2 (https://payhip.com/b/KEJC)


In 1928 the Abadie cigarette paper company started with issueing small 3x5 cm images of arms to their cigarette papers. The images contained arms and flags of countries, cities and regions. Initially four series were planned, of which only two were described : Series A Banners and Flags (325 images) and Series B Arms of countries and cities (400 images). Series C and D had not yet been named. The series were sub-divided in smaller groups, such as Flags of Prussian provinces, Flags of Countries etc. The author of the texts and the designer of the images are not known.


To the series an album was issued, consisting of a map of Austria. some photographs and texts of the company and about tobacco, a collector's page and empty numbered sheets for the images. The album consisted of loose sheets, that could be bound together with a ribbon. This enabled later additions (sheets) to be added to the album. As planned all series were to be issued for one year only, to make the series more collectable.


As it turned out, the albums and images were very collectable and the first album was enlarged to 1984 images in several series. The series were also reprinted as was the album. The second edition of the album was now divided into sections with a colooured index page of each section. In the first edition all images were numbered sequencially, in the second edition later additions were added to the original chapters and some series were regrouped. Some images were also changed.


On the back of the images, not visible in the album, the company first printed some short information on the country, town or arms. On the flag images generally there was no text. In the second, and sometimes third edition of the images, more texts were added. Also some texts were adapted and changed. In many albums the images are totally glued, even though there was a small strip marked 'Kleberaum' (glue-area) and the texts are no longer readable.

Content of the albums

0001-2a.aba.jpg 0002-2a.aba.jpg 1985.aba.jpg
Original German title English translation
Das Flaggenalphabet International flag alphabet
Fahnen der Europäischen Staaten European National flags
Fahnen Österreich-Ungarns vor 1914 Austro-Hungarian flags pre 1914
Fahnen der Deutschen Staaten Flags of German States
Preussische Provinzen Flags of Prussian provinces
Fahnen der Schweizer Kantone Flags of Swiss cantons
Flaggen diverse Staaten Flags of countries
Europäische Länderwappen Coat of arms of European countries
Aussereuropäische Länderwappen Coat of arms of non-European countries
Englische Dominions Coat of arms of English dominions
Österreichische Städtewappen vor 1914 Austrian city arms pre 1914
Wappen der wichtigsten Städte Coat of arms of important cities in the world
Wappen von Wien und Wiener Bezirke Coat of arms of Vienna and Viennese districts
Österreichische Städtewappen vor 1914 (II) Austrian city arms pre 1914
Wappen der wichtigsten Städte (II) Coat of arms of important cities in the world
Fahnen der Vereingte Staaten von Amerika Flags of US States
Wappen der Zünfte und Innungen Coat of arms of (Viennese) guilds
Historische Fahnen aus dem Jahre 1350 Historical flags from 1350
Historische Fahnen aus dem Jahre 1705 Historical flags from 1705
Wappen der Schweizer Kantone Coat of arms of Swiss cantons
Österreich-Ungarische Städtewappen Austro-Hungarian city arms
Flaggen und Abzeichen Englisher kolonien Arms and badges of English colonies
Länderwappen der Österr.-Ungarn. Monarchie Austro-Hungarian state arms
Flaggen des Deutschen Reiches Flags of the German Empire
Italienische Städtewappen Italian city arms
Alte Nationalfahnen Old national flags
Historische Fahnen usw aus dem Heeresmuseum Historical flags and militaria from the war museum in Vienna
Flaggen der Europäischen Staaten Flags of European countries
Französische Wappen Coat of arms of French provinces and cities
Historische Amerikanische Fahnen American historical flags
Deutsche Städtewappen (I) German city arms (I)
Deutsche Städtewappen (II) German city arms (II)
Übersee flaggen Flags of non European countries
Deutsche Städtewappen (III) German city arms (III)
Ungarische Komitate Hungarian provincial arms
Vereins Abzeichen Badges of clubs