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Blason de Amiens/Arms (crest) of Amiens

Country : France

Département : Somme
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Official blazon
French De gueules au lierre d'argent ; au chef d'azur semé de fleurs de lis d'or.

Motto : Liliis tenaci vimine jungor

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The arms are decorated with the following medals:

  • Légion d’honneur (since June 2, 1948).
  • Croix de guerre 1914-1918.
  • Croix de guerre 1939-1945


Philippe Auguste supposedly granted the arms to the city of Amiens in 1185.

These arms underwent many transformations ever since: at the beginning the background was completely red, then it was decorated with an arabesques which became two branches of wicker, and then leaves of ivy meaning "the loyalty and the constant alliance of the city to the French crown".

During the Empire the blue part with golden lilies of France was replaced by three golden bees upon a red chief.

Literature: Image taken from La banque du blason (with permission); background from a local tourist leaflet.

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