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ARCHDIOCESE OF EDMONTON (Archidioecesis Edmontonensis)

Country : Canada
Denomination : Roman Catholic

Established : 1871 as the Diocese of Saint Albert
Promoted on 1912 as Archdiocese of Edmonton

Arms (crest) of Archdiocese of Edmonton

Official blazon

Azure a chevron Argent between in chief two ears of wheat in saltire and two snowshoes in saltire and in base a Chi-Rho Or;


The arms were granted on November 20, 2009.

Blue refers to the healing waters of Lac Ste. Anne, the site of the first Catholic mission in the area, to the waters of Baptism, and to Mary, the mother of Christ. White refers to the truth and hope Christians find in the Gospel, while gold refers to the providence and glory of God. The chevron represents a carpenter’s square, an emblem of St. Joseph, the patron of the Archdiocese. It also alludes to the Rocky Mountains in the west of the Archdiocese. The ears of wheat are a Eucharistic symbol of the Bread of Life; they also refer to prairie agriculture. The snowshoes represent the ministry of the first bishop, Vital Grandin, who was said to have walked 25,000 miles in snowshoes during his ministry. The Chi-Rho, which combines the Greek letters X and P (Ch and R in the Roman alphabet), refers to the name of Christ.

Arms of Bishops of Saint Albert

Arms of Archbishops of Edmonton

Arms of Auxiliary Archbishops

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