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Region : Syddanmark
Amt (until 2007) :Fyn (until 1970 Odense)
Additions : 1970 Assens Landdistrikt, Barløse, Bågø, Gamtofte, Helnæs, Holevad, Kærum, Sandager, Søby, Sønderby, Turup; 2007 Glamsbjerg (1970 Flemløse, Køng, Søllested-Vedtofte, Ørsted), Haarby (1970 Dreslette, Jordløse), Tommerup (1970 Broholm, Brylle, Verninge), Vissenbjerg, Årup (1966 Kerte, Rørup, Skydebjerg-Orte)

Arms (crest) of Assens (Fyn)


The arms were registered on November 15, 2006.

The arms were newly devised for the merger in 2007. The arms show two hazelnuts and three waves.

Prior to 2007 Assens used the arms below :

Arms (crest) of Assens (Fyn)

The arms are based on a seal known from 1535, which probably dates from the 14th century. The arms show an Agnus Dei as a symbol for St John Baptist, the local patron saint. All later seals and images (until 2007) have shown the same composition.

Seal of Assens (Fyn)

Seal from 1535
Seal of Assens (Fyn)

Seal from 1536
Seal of Assens (Fyn)

Seal from 1654
Seal of Assens (Fyn)

Seal from 1591
Arms (crest) of Assens (Fyn)

The arms in the Kaffe Hag album, 1933
Arms (crest) of Assens (Fyn)

The arms as shown on a banner from 1898 (collection De Fynske Landsby)

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