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Département : Territoire de Belfort

Blason de Belfort/Arms (crest) of Belfort
Official blazon
French D'azur à la tour couverte d'or, maçonnée de sable, ouverte et ajourée du champ, girouettée d'argent et accostée des lettres capitales B et F d'or.
English blazon wanted


The original arms of Belfort simply showed a silver castle on a blue field. The tower refers to the former Tour de la Miotte, situated on a hill on the eastern part of the city, opposite the castle. The hill is very hard to climb because of loose stones, hence the name Miotte (from miettes, loose stones). The tower was destroyed twice by the German army, in 1871 and 1940, but both times restored.

The letters B and F appeared on the arms in the 16th century.

The base, which is not always used, shows the decorations of the cross of the Legion d'Honneur order.

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Literature: Image taken from La banque du blason (with permission); background from Alain-Yves REBOUL