Birkenhead (New Zealand)

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Local Authority : Auckland

Arms (crest) of Birkenhead (New Zealand)

Official blazon



The arms were granted on 8th April, 1983.

The silver cross, edged red on the black shield, is a reference to the arms of the Borough of Birkenhead in Cheshire, England, but is made moline (In French Croix Ancre or Anchor Cross) to signify the connection of the City with the sea. The four silver sprigs of kauri with gold cones allude to Birkenhead as "The Kauri City" of Auckland Province.

The lion in the crest is also taken the arms of the English Birkenhead. It is made sejant and holds a Maori taiaha referring to Birkenhead having once been an important tribal area possessing several fortified villages, a defensive aspect continued present-day by the armament depot maintained at Kauri Point.The tui birds as supporters are representative of New Zealand, being well-known native birds found in the bush, being differenced by the silver estoiles upon which their claws rest. These stars refer to the achievements of the city and its citizens and are derived from the arms of Captain Cook.

The motto means LET US ALL BE UNITED.

Literature : Information provided by Lawrence Jones.