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Province (Landskap): Hälsingland
County (Län): Gävleborgs län
Additions : 1952 Norrbo
Incorporated into : 1971 Hudiksvall

Bjuråker kommunvapen
Official blazon

I blått fält ett av snedställda strängar bildat galler av guld med fyruddiga stjärnor av guld i rutorna|-

English No blazon/translation known. Please click here to send your (heraldic !) blazon or translation


The arms were officially granted on December 16, 1966.

The arms are based on a 14th century seal of the Sunded (Sundhede) province, to which the area belonged at the time. The meaning is not known. The colours are taken from a banner from a local army regiment from 1675.

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Literature: Andersson, 1994; image from Wikipedia (author Lokal Profil)