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Canterbury can refer to:
|width="15%"|[[File:United Kingdom.jpg|50 px|left]]
|width="70%" align="center" |'''Heraldry of the World<br>Civic heraldry of the [[United Kingdom]]'''
|width="15%"|[[File:United Kingdom.jpg|50 px|right]]
* [[File:canterbu.jpg|60 px|Arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME}}]][[Canterbury (England)]], a city in Kent, England
* [[File:canterbury.jpg|60 px|Arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME}}]][[Canterbury (New South Wales)]], a city in New South Wales, Australia
Additions : 1974 Bridge-Blean RDC, [[Herne Bay]] UDC, Whitstable UDC
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====Official blazon====
Argent three Cornish Choughs proper two and one on a Chief Gules a Lion passant guardant Or.
Although first registered at the College of Heralds in 1619, Canterbury's coat of arms is medieval in origin and appeared on official documents as long ago as 1380.
Canterbury's links with Royalty - it has been a royal city since at least the 6<sup>th</sup> century - are denoted by the heraldic leopard, whilst the three black choughs are taken from the arms ascribed to Thomas Becket.
|align="center"|[[File:canterbury.jj.jpg|350 px|center]] <br/>The arms as used on a [[Jaja|JaJa postcard]] +/- 1905
|align="center"|[[File:canterbury.w2.jpg|center]]  <br/>The arms on a [[Wills's - Borough arms I|Wills's]] cigarette card, 1906
|align="center"|[[File:canterbury.haguk.jpg|center]]  <br/>The arms in the [[Coffee Hag albums]] +/- 1925
|align="center"|[[File:canterbury.ukpc.jpg|350 px|center]] <br/>The arms as used on a postcard (pre 1915)
[[Literature]] : Image and information taken from [http://www.canterbury.gov.uk/democracy/mayoralty/coat_of_arms.html here]
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Canterbury can refer to: