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Cook Islands - Kūki 'Āirani

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The National Arms of the Cook Islands The National Flag Location

Administrative division

There are 10 inhabited islands, each with their own island council.

None of the councils uses arms.

The National Arms of the Cook Islands


The National Arms show the 15 islands of the group in the vast blue ocean.

The arms are supported by a flying fish (maroro) holding a Rarotongan club and a White Tern (kakaia) holding a cross as a symbol for Christianity. The Rarotongan club (momore taringavaru) as a symbol for the richness of Cook Islands' tradition. Orators used to hold it during traditional discourses.

The crest shows a ariki head-dress (pare kura) of red feather, symbolising the importance of the traditional rank system.

The name of the nation is on a banner below the shield.

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