Danmarks Herreds-, By og Birke Vaaben

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Danmarks Herreds-, By og Birke Vaaben


Album information :

  • Issued by : Aage Brünner, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Date of issue : 1950 (?)
  • Number of stamps/cards : 256
  • Image variants : none known


The album was probably printed in the late 1940s or 1950. The last date reference in the album is the census of 1944. The arms shows the arms of the hundreds (herred), market towns (birke) and cities (by) sorted by region (Amt). In total 256 images were issued.

A hundred is a geographic division formerly used in Denmark and regions that have been under Danish control (Southern Sweden, England, Northern Germany) as well as in Sweden and areas under Swedish control (Länsi-Suomi). They may once have referred to an area liable to provide a hundred men under arms, or containing roughly a hundred homesteads, or to a small parcel (thus loosely a hundredth) of a territory. It was a traditional Germanic system described as early as AD 98 by Tacitus (the centeni). In Denmark the hundreds remained an active administrative unit from around 1000 to 1919.

The whole album is available here: File:Herredsvaaben.pdf.

Some examples are shown below, all 256 images are in the album, except nr 255 (Grønland-2), as 254 is there twice, but can be seen below.

The town and city arms are not shown here, but are in the album.

Examples of Herred arms

For all see Danish herreds