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Country : Canada
Denomination : Anglican

Arms of Diocese of Brandon

Official blazon

Per fess Azure and Or a cross of four ermine spots in cross counterchange.


The arms were officially granted on August 15, 2017.

The division of the shield represents the geography of the diocese, with the Canadian Shield in the north and prairie in the south. The use of the division and the contrasting colours also refers to the different but complementary aspects of the composition of the diocese: rural/urban, Indigenous/non-Indigenous, etc.

The blue colour is associated with the waters of baptism, and with the creator in First Nations traditions. The ermine spots are taken from the arms of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land, the original diocese of western Canada out of which Brandon was formed. They allude to the importance of the fur trade in the history of the region. Arranged as a cross, they indicate that the diocese is a Christian ecclesiastical jurisdiction, and the fact that the cross is made of separate elements alludes to the coming together of Christians within the diocese.

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