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Born : June 10, 1957
Deceased :

Bishop of Whitehorse, 2006–2014
Bishop of Victoria in Canada, 2014-present

Arms of Gary Michael Gordon

Bishop of Whitehorse
Arms of Gary Michael Gordon

Bishop of Victoria in Canada

Official blazon

Gules on a cross nowy Argent between in the first and fourth quarters the monogram AM Argent, a salmon hauriant contourné in the Salish style Sable and Gules.


The arms were officially granted on October 15, 2006.

The cross represents the Christian faith and the intersecting paths of the people of Canada today. The white symbolizes interactions of the various peoples of the north, and the red symbolizes the blood of Christ. Red and white are two of the sacred colours of the First Nations with whom Bishop Gordon has worked for the greater part of his ministry. They are also the national colours of Canada and represent his service as a parish priest in several parts of his homeland. The fish refers both to his work with the Stó:lo First Peoples in the Chilliwack area, for whom it represents an essential source of food and among whom it plays a key part in traditional ceremonies and beliefs, and to its ancient meaning as a Christian symbol. The interlaced A and M are the monogram of Mary the Mother of God. Bishop Gordon’s devotion to her forms a significant part of his faith, and its appearance recognizes the role of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in the founding and mission of the Diocese of Whitehorse. The interlaced A and M with their distinctive peaks are also symbolic of the mountains of the Yukon.

The motto meaning “Communion”, symbolizes, for Bishop Gordon, the idea that communion lies at the heart of Christianity.

After his transfer to Victoria, the arms as used by the bishop were impaled with the arms of the Diocese of Victoria.

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