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Province: Ontario

Arms (crest) of Greater Sudbury

Official blazon

Arms: Per fess sapiné Vert and Or, in dexter chief a mullet Or
Crest: A mural crown Vert set with pine cones Or
Supporters: Two moose Or, that to the dexter gorged with a coronet erablé, that to the sinister gorged with a coronet fleurdelisé Vert, both standing on a rocky mount set with blueberry plants proper


The arms were officially granted on December 15, 2003.

The green colour is symbolic of growth and the environment, whereas the gold can represent the mineral riches of the region and spirit of community. The star is indicative of the north star and the fact that Sudbury is the main urban centre in northeastern Ontario. It can also represent dynamism, technology and the future. The division line indicates the original old growth forests of the region and the fact that much of it has been re-forested in recent years.

The mural crown is a traditional symbol of municipal authority, indicating the City's responsibility to protect its citizens. The pine cones make another reference to the natural heritage of the area, and they also allude to Sudbury's original name, Sainte-Anne-des-Pins.

The moose supporters are animals symbolic of Northern Ontario. The rocky compartment, itself indicative of the strong and enduring foundations on which the community has been built, indicates the importance of mining in the area, and the blueberries are a distinctive feature of local vegetation. The coronets indicate the diverse Canadian and francophone heritage of the City.

The motto AEDIFICEMUS means "Let us build". It was inspired by a passage in Nehemiah 2 :18, emphasizing that building a community is the collective work of all citizens.

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