James Patterson Lyke

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Born : February 18, 1939 in Chicago, USA
Deceased : December 27, 1992 in Atlanta, USA

Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland, 1979-1990
Archbishop of Atlanta, 1990–1992

Arms of James Patterson Lyke

Official blazon


The Chief in the personal Arms of Archbishop Lyke symbolises his membership in the Order of Franciscans (OFM). The colours red, black and green symbolises the African Roots of the Archbishop. The golden cross symbolises the Mystery of the Church and also alludes to the Golden Cross in the Arms of Pope St Johannes Paulus II. The Red Cross symbolises that the Colour Red is the Academical Colours for Theology, a special interest of the Archbishop. The Chaplet in the first quarter of the Cross symbolises St Fracis of Assisi.

The motto translates as "Christ - Peace".

Literature : Symbolism from the Web Site of the Archdiocese.