Joseph Walter Estabrook

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Born : May 19, 1944
Deceased : February 4, 2012

Auxiliary Bishop of the military, 2004-2012; Titular Bishop of Flenucleta

Arms of Joseph Walter Estabrook

Official blazon

Party per fess, to chief party per chevron, or and purpure, to chief six tongues of fire, divided evenly, gules, and to base a crescent of the first; to base azure, an anchor argent.


Dominating a gold field is a purple triangle formed by a chevron used throughout. The chevron-formed-triangle is used to represent the carpenter's square of his baptismal patron, St. Joseph. On this is a golden crescent, for the Blessed Virgin Mary, in her title of the Immaculate Conception. This symbol was also significant for Bishop Estabrook for it is a charge taken from the arms of the Bishop's home Diocese of Albany in New York.
The six tongues of fire signify the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which came upon the Apostles at Pentecost in such a form. Bishop Estabrook expressed with this symbolism his deep devotion to the Holy Spirit, the true sustaining force of ordained ministry within the Church.

The anchor symbolises that Bishop Estabrook respected his service as a Navy and Marine Chaplain for the United States of America.

"Set Out Into the Deep" is taken from Saint Luke's Gospel (Luke 5:4) the "call of the fishermen," expresses that it is sometimes the will of the Lord for us to set out into the unknown in order to find Him and to truly find ourselves. It is in just such searches that military chaplains are the instrument s of God for the service of men and women to whom they minister.

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