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Registration no.: 012/2020

Country of origin : Austria
Place of origin :
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Arms of Julie Kristan

Official English blazon

Shield: Vert, an annulet Or entangled by a riband Argent, pendant therefrom three rectangular lamps Or.
Crest: A Borzoi rampant Argent, gorged of a riband, pendant therefrom a rectangular lamp Or.
Motto: "Der Gutmütigkeit, Aufrichtigkeit, Gewissenhaftigkeit." - "Benevolentiæ - Sinceritati - Diligentiæ" - "With Benevolence, Sincerity, Diligence."

Other language blazon

German: Auf grünem Grund ein von silbernem Band umschlungener goldener Ring, von dessen Bande drei rechteckige goldene Laternen herabhängen.


Shield: The three lanterns Or by number refer to the Marxist theoreticians and revolutionaries Marx, Lenin and Mao, whereas the lantern as a symbol refers to curiosity, knowledge, wisdom and conscious progress. They are bound to an annulet or ring Or, who represents, as one of the most neutral charges and by form, my interest in everything and the connection to the lanterns symbolizes the fundamental importance of both what the lanterns represent by number and by form.

Crest: The Borzoi rampant Argent represents an identification with the perceived spirit thereof. They are perceived both as benevolent, wholesome, curious, intelligent, but also as lanky, clumsy and often confused. The lantern Or represents the wish to find a pathway to a life that contains everything that is true, fine and good, and devoid of all that is false, coarse and bad.

Motto: The full form of the motto is: "Das Dasein bedient sich der Gutmütigkeit, Aufrichtigkeit, Gewissenhaftigkeit." - "Being is employed with benevolence, sincerity, diligence." It summarizes the armiger's personal understanding and goal of virtue.

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