Maritime Command, Royal Canadian Navy

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Coat of arms (crest) of the Maritime Command, Royal Canadian Navy

Official blazon

Azure, a wooden-stocked anchor, foul of its cable, a dexter fluke and siniter stock-arm foremost, debruised by and eagle volant affronté, the head turned to sinsiter, all or / D'azur, une ancre à jas de bois engagée d'un tour de chaîne, patte à dextre et bras d'estoc à senestre en tête, borchant d'un aigle volant affronté, la tête tournée à senestre, tout or.


The blue field refers to the sea,a nd the combination of the anchor and eagle to the cooperation between the sea and air elements in pursuit of the enemy in that element.

Maritime Command was the designation of the Royal Canadian Navy following unification with the Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Army in 1968. The name Royal Canadian Navy was resurrected in 2011. Thus rendering the Maritime Command Badge obsolete.

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Literature: Sent by the Canadian Embassy in Oslo.