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Arms (crest) of Middelfart

Country : Denmark

Region : Syddanmark

Amt (until 2007) : Fyn

(until 1970 Odense)

Additions: (to see click on expand)

  • 1970 Gamborg
  • 1970 Kavslunde
  • 1970 Middelfart Landdistrikt
  • 1970 Vejlby-Strib
  • 2007 Ejby
    • 1970 Balslev-Ejby
    • 1970 Brenderup
    • 1970 Fjelsted-Harndrup
    • 1970 Gelsted
    • 1970 Husby
    • 1970 IndslevvTanderup
    • 1970 Ørslev
  • 2007 Nørre Åby
    • 1970 Asperup-Rorslev
    • 1970 Føns
    • 1970 Udby

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The arms were officially registered in 1989.

The arms with the ship are known sinde 1535, but in 1989 a harbour porpoise was added. In historical times porpoises were hunted in the seas near Middelfart. Also, the porpoise reminds of the dolphin in the arms of Vejlby-Strib, which was incorporated into Middelfart in 1970. Until 1970 the arms above were used.

These arms are based on the oldest known seal, dating from 1535. The city is an important harbour, which explains the ship. Sometimes the seals showed a small fish in the base of the shield to distinguish the arms from similar arms, such as from Kerteminde and Bogense. This was the base for the addition of the porpoise in 1989.

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Literature: Achen, 1982; Grandjean, 1937

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