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Arms of Paraná

Official blazon


The first coat of arms of the state of Paraná, was granted on March, 31, 1947. In 1990 new arms were adopted, but cancelled already on October 23, 1992. On May 27, 2002 the old arms of 1947 were restored.

Arms of Paraná

The arms of 1990.

Both arms show the same elements, in the base a sowing or harvesting farmer, symbol for agriculture and cultivation. The chief shows a rising sun and mountains with three peaks, symbolising the three Parana plateaus.

The crest shows a hawk (Harpi harpyja).

The arms are flanked by a branch of parana-pine and erva-mate tea.

Proposal from 1910 by Alfredo Andersen:


Proposal (image obtained from Facebook)

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