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Born : April 16, 1779
Deceased : October 8, 1829

Bishop of Richmond, 1820-1822
Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, 1822-1829

Arms of Patrick Kelly

Official blazon

Argent, a figure of St. Ottevan, patron of Waterford, holding a large Latin cross resting on a champagne all proper.


Bishop Kelly had no coat of arms while he was in Richmond. After less than two years he was transferred to Ireland to the united Sees of Waterford and Lismore where he was buried.

In 1931, while the Cathedral of Richmond was decorated it was decided to paint in the ceiling of the church the arms of all the Bishops of this episcopal See. It was a difficult task because of the first two Bishops there were no arms. Bishop Kelly's coat was "manufactured" from a document received from the chancery office of Waterford, Ireland, sent by the secretary of Bishop Bernard Hackett, of Waterford and Lismore. It was a dry-seal impression of Saint Ottevan, patron of Waterford.

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