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Arms of Rio de Janeiro (state)

Official blazon


The arms were adopted on February 7, 1963.

The coat of arms has the traditional oval form of shield used by clergymen, symbolizing the Christian sentiments of the people of the state, divided into two fields.

The first blue, representing the sky and symbolizing justice, truth, and loyalty, with the silhouette of the Serra dos Órgãos issuing from the dividing line, the Dedo de Deus peak being most prominent, all proper; the second divided between green, representing the lowlands of the state, and blue, recalling the sea of the state's beaches.

Overall, an eagle proper with open wings in the attitude of taking flight, representing strong, honest, and just government, carrying the message of confidence and hope to the most distant corners of our state; perched upon a round shield of blue, with a silver fess and orle, respectively carrying the inscriptions: "9 de abril de 1892" recalling the promulgation of the first Constitution of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and Recte Rempublican Gerere (Conduct the affairs of the public with righteousness), conveying the constant preoccupation of the public men of our state; and charged in chief with a silver five-pointed star representing the capital.

The shield is flanked by a stalk of cane and one of coffee, fructed, both proper, the principal products of the land.

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