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Region : Sjælland
Amt (until 2007) : Vestsjælland (until 1970 Roskilde)
Additions : 1970 Himmelev, Sankt Jørgensbjerg, Kornerup-Svogerslev (partly), Reerslev-Vindinge (partly), Vor Frue; 2007 Gundsø (1970 Jyllinge-Gundsømagle, Hvedstrup-Fløng (partly), Ågerup-Kirkerup), Ramsø (1970 Ørsted-Dåstrup, Gadstrup-Syv, Snoldelev)

Arms of Roskilde


The arms were officially registered in 1938.

The arms are based on the oldest seal of the city, which is known since 1286, but which dates from around 1250. The seal shows a bird over a stream or water, surrounded by a wall. The stream is canting, kilde meaning well or spring. The roses first appear in 1384.

The meaning or origin of the bird is unknown. It has been postulated that the bird is an eagle, derived from the German Imperial eagle (the treasurer of the city was a German in the 13th century), or the eagle may be canting (from Høgekøbing, or hawk-city).
It has also been stated that the bird is the symbol of one of the main guilds in the city.

Seal of Roskilde

Seal from 1286
Seal of Roskilde

Seal from 1356
Seal of Roskilde

Seal from 1350
Seal of Roskilde

Seal from 1384
Seal of Roskilde

Seal from 1481
Seal of Roskilde

Seal from 1557
Arms of Roskilde

The arms in the Kaffe Hag album, 1933
Arms of Roskilde

Proposal for new arms after the merger in 2007 (R. Andersen)

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