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[[Literature]] : Andersson, 1994; image from Wikipedia (author Lokal Profil)
[[Literature]] : Andersson, 1994; image from Wikipedia (author Lokal Profil)
[[File:sweden.jpg|50 px|link=Sweden]][[Category:Swedish Municipalities T]]
[[Category:Swedish Municipalities T]]
[[Category:Jämtlands län]]
[[Category:Jämtlands län]]
[[Category:Granted 1965]]
[[Category:Granted 1965]]

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Province (Landskap): Ångermanland
County (Län): Jämtlands län
Incorporated into : 1967 Fjällsjö (1974 Strömsund)

Tåsjö kommunvapen

Official blazon

I fält av guld två bjälkvis genomgående röda gärdesgårdar.


The arms were officially granted on July 26, 1965.

The arms show tow fences, it has been speculated that the name comes from a word meaning a small road between two fences. The arms thus are canting. The colours are taken from the arms of the House of Oldenburg, Kings of Denmark(and Norway) in the 17th century, as until 1645 the area was part of Norway.

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Literature : Andersson, 1994; image from Wikipedia (author Lokal Profil)