Tarroja de Segarra

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Region : Catalonia
Province : Lleida

Escudo de Tarroja de Segarra

Official blazon

Escut caironat: d'or, una torre de gules oberta acompanyada de dos cards de tres flors de gules. Per timbre, una corona mural de poble.


These arms have been officially granted on 1st June 1983.

The red tower is a canting sign, derived from Catalan "torre roja", and it's taken from the arms of the Tarroja (or Torroja) family, lords of the village. Linked by marriage with the viscounts of Cardona, these ones became the new lords: the two thistles Gules on Or are taken from the canting arms of Cardona (a thistle being a "card" in Catalan).

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Literature : Image taken from http://escuts.wikispaces.com; background from Prince Aurelio J. M. Isamat de Cardona, Miami, USA.