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BRECKNOCK (Borough council)

Incorporated into: 1974 Brecknock District Council

Arms (crest) of Brecknock Borough

Official blazon

Arms : Vert a Pall wavy Argent thereon another Azure over all a Mantle of Estate Gules doubled Ermine.
Crest : Out of a Mural Crown Or a Long Bow and a Pitch-fork interlaced in saltire proper; Mantled Vert doubled Argent.
Supporters : On the dexter side an Eagle wings elevated and addorsed Or the under wing charged with a Roundel per pale Vert and Argent thereon an open Book proper bound Gules edged Gold and on the sinister side a Dragon Gules wings elevated and addorsed the underwing charged with a Bezant thereon the Roman numerals XXIV Sable each standing on a representation of a Walled Town in front of the Brecon Beacons.
Motto: 'CANMOL DY FRO A THRIG YNO' - Commend thy locality and dwell therein.


The arms were officially granted on July 20, 1962.

The red mantle lined with ermine is a device long associated with the Town of Brecon and which for more than 400 years has been the Borough Badge. The white and blue wavy pall represents the three rivers which have their confluence at Brecon, namely the Usk, the Honddu and the Tarell. These are placed upon a green field representing the countryside.

The long bow is in allusion to Brecon's long military tradition, and the hay fork to the position the Town enjoys as the centre of an agricultural area.

The gold eagle stands for St. John the Evangelist, in allusion to the Cathedral Church of St. John the Evangelist, and is differenced by a green and white rounded charged on the wing by an open book. The Dragon of Wales needs no explanation, and is here differenced by a rounded charged with XXIV referring to the XXIV Regiment, South Wales Borderers who on the 11th June, 1948, received the Freedom of the Borough. The compartment is a conventional repre­sentation of Brecon as an ancient walled town behind which can be seen the twin Brecon Beacons.

The arms are now used by the Brecon Town Council.

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