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Ross & Cromarty County Council

Incorporated into : 1975 Highland Regional Council

Arms (crest) of Ross and Cromarty

Official blazon

Per fess and in base per pale: 1st, Gules, three lions rampant Argent; 2nd, Azure, a stag's head cabossed Or; 3rd, Or, a beacon Azure, masoned Argent and enflamed Gules.

Below the Shield which is ensigned with the coronet appropriate to a County Council, is placed in an Escrol this Motto "Dread God and Do Well".


The arms were granted on June 19, 1957.

The arms show in the chief three silver lions, taken from the old Earldom of Ross. The stag's head is taken from the arms of the MacKenzies of Kintail, Earls of Seaforth. The stag is also used by the Seaforth Highlanders and the Queen's Own Highlander regiments. The flaming beacon is taken from the crest of the MacKenzies and the arms of the MacLeods of Lewis. The motto is taken from the mottoes of the Clan Munro (Dread God) and the Urquharts (Mean Well, Speak Well and Do Well).

Ross & Cromarty District Council

Additions : 1975 Burghs of Cromarty, Dingwall, Fortrose, Invergordon, Tain; Districts of Avoch, Dingwall, Fearn, Fortrose, Gairloch, Invergordon, Lochbroom, Lochcarron, Muir of Ord
Incorporated into : 1996 Highland Area Council

Arms (crest) of Ross and Cromarty

Official blazon

Per fess Gules and Azure: in chief three lions rampant Argent, in base an endorse of the Last between dexter, a stag's head cabossed, and sinister, a sun in its splendour between five mullets Or.

Above the Shield is placed a coronet appropriate to a statutory District, videlicet:- a circlet richly chased, from which are issuant eight thistle-heads (three and two halves visible) Or; and in an Escrol under the Shield this Motto "Dread God and Do Well".


The arms were granted on November 27, 1975.

The arms are based on the old county arms, the red lions and the stag's head remained, the flaming beacon has been replaced by the sun and mullets. The small pale is another addition, the motto is the same. The sun and the mullets are taken from the old arms of Dingwall, the seat of the council.

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