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Coat of arms (crest) of Canada Border Services Agency

Official blazon

Arms : Gyronny of six Azure and Argent a portcullis ensigned by the Royal Crown all within a tressure erablé Or
Crest : A sparrowhawk close guardant Or its dexter claw supporting an escutcheon per pale Gules and Argent
Supporters : Two griffins Gules and Or winged Argent standing on a rocky mount proper


The arms were officially granted on June 15, 2010.

The Agency’s colours are blue, silver and gold. The gold band with maple leaves evokes the idea of protection against dangers coming from all directions. The three pairs of blue and white segments indicate that the Agency was formed from three different organizations. The portcullis and Royal Crown is a historical emblem for Her Majesty’s agents responsible for controlling entry into the country.

The sparrowhawk is a brave warrior with keen eyesight; it represents the Agency’s members as being professional and alert observers. The shield in Canada’s colours symbolizes that this is an Agency of Canada. It is similar in shape to the badges of office and recall that many of the Agency’s members are sworn peace officers.

The griffin is a symbol of watchfulness and a guardian of treasures. Here the griffins indicate that Agency members are to be knowledgeable observers of potential dangers to the nation. The base on which the griffins stand represents the Canadian Shield. This rock symbolizes the confidence and integrity that underlies the actions of the Agency members.

The motto means “Protection • service • integrity”.

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