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Département : Loir-et-Cher

Blason de Chitenay/Arms (crest) of Chitenay
Official blazon
French D'argent au chevron de sinople chargé de trois châtaignes d'or posées à plomb et accompagné en chef à dextre d'un épi de blé posé en barre et à senestre d'une grappe de raisin pamprée, le tout de sinople, et en pointe d'une machine à vapeur de gueules.
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The arms show in the lower half a steam digester, the forerunner of the steam engine. It refers to Denis Papin (22 August 1647 - 26 August 1713), born in the village of Chitenay, who invented the machine, see the image below from 1679.


The Latin name of the village was Villa Castaneis, which is reflected by the chevron (roof) and edible chestnuts (castanes). The wheat and grapes refer to the agricultural character of the village.

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