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Département : Meuse

Blason de Frémeréville-sous-les-Côtes/Arms (crest) of Frémeréville-sous-les-Côtes
Official blazon
French D'or à la bande de gueules chargée de trois fleurs d'edelweiss d'argent boutonnées d'or et accompagnée en chef d'une baratte de gueules et en pointe d'un corps d'alambic de gueules également surmonté de son chapiteau au col de cygne du même vers la dextre et chauffé par un feu d'argent.
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The arms were officially adopted on September 24, 2014.

The red bend in gold is taken from the arms of the Lorraine region, in which the municipality is situated. The three alerions in the Lorraine arms have been replaced by three edelweiss flowers. These symbolize courage or valor and thus refer to the toponym Frémeréville, formerly Fréméa Villa, from the Germanic name Framarius of the old German Fram: brave valiant. The bend also resembles the deacon stole to represent St, Stephen the patron saint of the parish, who was a deacon. The red refers to his martyrdom by stoning.

The churn refers to the nickname "Babure" of the inhabitants of Frémeréville-sous-les-Côtes (Babure resembles babeurre, or buttermilk). The still and the Mirabelle plum branches illustrate the reputation of the orchards and the distillation which is still practiced in Frémeréville.

The war cross was awarded due to the fighting in the First World War with following quotation: "located throughout the duration of the war in the battle zone, was the object of numerous bombardments which one partially destroyed the village; and showed admirable courage and dignity under the shells ".

Blason de Frémeréville-sous-les-Côtes/Coat of arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME

The arms on a ceramic plaque for the town hall
Blason de Frémeréville-sous-les-Côtes/Coat of arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME

The plaque on the town hall

In 2018 a historian found an older version of the arms for the village, dating from the 1570s.

Blason de Frémeréville-sous-les-Côtes/Coat of arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME

The arms are blasoned as :
D’argent à 4 annelets de gueules posés 1 à dextre,1 et 2 au franc-quartier d'azur chargé d'une étoile d'or.

The corresponding texts reads :
Fremereville - Les armoiries de Fremerevil co(mm)e elles so(n)t inscript(es) en la layette de Flabaix et Ville au tresor de V(er)d(un) (The arms of the village of Fréméreville as inscribed on the chest of Flabaix and City in the treasory of Verdun)

No further references are known about these arms.

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