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State : Saarland
District (Kreis) : Saarbrücken
Amt : Amt Kleinblittersdorf (until 1974)
Additions: 1974 Auersmacher, Bliesransbach, Rilchingen-Hanweiler, Sitterswald



The arms were officially granted on November 5, 1974.

The arms are based on the arms of the former Amt Kleinblittersdorf, with the addition of the two wolf's hooks, taken form the arms of Bliesransbach, the only municipality that was not part of the Amt.


The previous arms were granted on May 24, 1962.

The arms show the history and geography of the municipality. The wavy bend is the Saar river; the blue and silver are taken from the arms of the Counts von der Leyen that ruled the village for a long time; the eagle is taken form the arms of Lorraine, the region to which the village hiostorically belonged and the shell is taken from the arms of the Lords of Redelingen, who had several possessions in the village.

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