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Federal subject : Samara Oblast
District : Volzhsky

Arms (crest) of Smyshlyayevka

Official blazon

В скошенном начетверо зеленью и червленью поле с узкой включенной лазоревой главой - серебряный нитевидный сквозной квадрат со вписанным в него таковым же крестом и заполненный начетверо зеленью, дважды червленью и зеленью; вверху фигура сопровождена выходящим поверх главы золотым сияющим солнцем (без изображения лица).


The arms were officially granted on June 28, 2006.

The urban settlement of Smyshlyayevka consists of 4 villages: Smyshlyayevka, Sputnik, Stroykeramika and Energetik. Geographically, the settlement borders on the regional center - Samara. The figures of the coat of arms, its divisions and colors reflect the geographical, territorial and natural features of the settlement.

The location of the urban settlement east of the regional center is symbolically reflected by the narrow azure head (repeating the color of the field of the coat of arms of Samara) and the sun, which the residents of Smyshlyayevka meet earlier than the residents of Samara.

The division of the shield field into 4 parts symbolically reflects the land of the urban settlement, the alternation of untouched nature and urban buildings. The symbolism of the central figure, which is a square, divided into 4 parts:

  • an allegory of 4 villages that make up the settlement;
  • an allegory of clean settlement streets, laid between the settlements;
  • an allegory of a window with colored stained-glass windows, a symbol of the rapidly developing construction of promising villages Sputnik and Stroykeramika.
Coat of arms (crest) of Smyshlyayevka
Coat of arms (crest) of Smyshlyayevka

Both designs above were used for the town in the 1990s, but have never been approved.

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