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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Waldshut
Additions : 1971 Eschbach, Indlekofen, Oberalpfen, Waldkirch
Incorporated into : 1975 Waldshut-Tiengen

Wappen von Waldshut/Arms (crest) of Waldshut
Official blazon
German In Gold ein blau gekleideter Mann, den breitkrempigen Hut an einer über die Schultern gelegten Schnur auf dem Rücken, in der Rechten einen roten Knotenstock, die Linke mit der Hutschnur spielend.
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The village was enlarged by King Rudolf I of Habsburg and received city rights around 1245. The oldest seal is known from 1277, but may be a little older. The seal shows already a forester, or Waldhüter (forest-keeper), making it a canting symbol. The figure was used on seals, but not on arms.

The city was granted arms in 1468 with the crowned lion of Habsburg, holding a sword. The arms were again granted in 1528. These were the official arms until 1918.

At the same time the forester (or as the local called him, the little blue man) was widely used as the unofficial symbol of the city. The city decided in 1918 to apply for arms with the blue man on a golden shield, which were subsequently granted.

According to local legend the town got its name and arms according as follows. To find a name for the new town money was offered and this litle man appeared out of the forest and said :
"Ich streiche das Geld in meinen Hut die Stadt soll heissen Wald(e)shut" or "I put this money in my hat and the town should be named Waldshut (or forest-hat).".

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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