Kingdom of Dalmatia

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Civic heraldry of the Austro-Hungarian Empire


Arms (crest) of Kingdom of Dalmatia

Official blazon


Dalmatia is now part of Croatia and comprised a large part of the Adriatic coastline. Until the 12th century Dalmatia was a separate Kingdom. The Hungarian Kings acquired a large part of the area in the 12th century. The whole territory became part of Austria-Hungary in 1797. From 1805-1814 Dalmatia was part of the Kingdom of Illyria, a vassal state of Napoleon.

The arms of Dalmatia show three lion heads. Their origin is unknown, but the arms were part of both the large arms of the Kings of Hungary and the Doges of Venice. The heads were first uncrowned, but in the late 15th century the crowns appeared, but only in Hungarian arms.

The arms are now part of the 'crown' on the Croat national arms.

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