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Wapen van Klemskerke/Arms (crest) of Klemskerke

Country : Belgium

Province :

Incorporated into:

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Official blazon
French D'argent à la crois recercelée & vidée de gueules.
English blazon wanted


The arms were granted on June 18, 1845.

The arms show a cross, derived from the cross of the Knights Templar. The area was for a long time in the Middle Ages a possession of the Knights Templar. Several municipalities in the former Vincx Ambacht use similar arms, which differ only in the number of (canting) finches. The Vincx Ambacht was a part of the Vrije van Brugge, a large territory surrounding the city of Brugge, but not belonging to the city (Vrije van Brugge means Freedom-of-Brugge).

The different arms were already mentioned on the map made of the Vrije van Brugge by Pourbus in 1562.

The other villages are Bredene, Nieuwmunster and Vlissegem.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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