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Koninkrijk België - Royaume de Belgique - Königreich Belgien

Belgium.jpg Belgium-flag.jpg
The National Arms of Belgium The National Flag

Administrative division

Belgium has a rather complex, language based, admisitrative division. Besides the Federal Government, which is based in Brussels, there are three language communities (Dutch, French and German) as well as three regions (Vlaanderen (Flemish region), Wallonie (French region) and Brussels Capital Region (bilingual).

The regions are further divided into provinces (5 each) and municipalities (around 590).

Heraldry of provinces and communities

The bilingual Brussels Region does not use arms.

  • Arms of Provinces:

Arms of municipalities

All municipalities are listed under their official names. Synonyms in the other language(s) are not included in the alphabetical list, except for official bilingual municipalities.
Prefixes as De, Het, 's, L', Le, La, Un, Une are placed behind the name for example De Panne is under P.


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Like in the Netherlands a number of Waterschappen (water boards) exist in the Flemish provinces. These are bodies that regulate the water levels in a certain area.

Colonial Heraldry

Other heraldry

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Some old publications are also available as pdf, if so, this is listed in the literature file.