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  • Date of issue : ?
  • Number of cards : 72


This is a series of stamps with Danish town arms. They have been issued by the 'Nordisk Handelskalender' organisation, which published a similarly named book every year since 1909 with names and adresses of companies in the Nordic countries. I have no information whether these stamps could be collected in an album or whether they could be glued in the book or stored separately. I also have no information how the stamps could be obtained.

There are 71 stamps with town arms and one spare one showing the book itself. The stamps were printed by Det Hoffensbergske Etablissement in Copenhagen in sheets of 12 stamps each. One sheet is shown here below.

The images are similar to the images used in the Coffee Hag album (1930s) or the Danske Byvaabner (cigarette cards) from 1926, indicating a date in the late 1920s or 1930s. The printing house existed from 1844-1972, which is thus no indicator for the date.

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