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Region : Nordjylland
Amt (until 2007) : Nordjylland
Additions: 1970 Bistrup, Bjergby-Mygdal, Rubjerg-Mårup (partly), Sankt Hans-Sankt Olai, Skallerup-Vennebjerg, Tårs, Vrejlev-Hæstrup; 2007 Hirtshals (1964-70 Bindslev, Horne-Asdal, Tornby-Vidstrup, Tversted-Uggerby), Løkken-Vrå (1970 Børglum-Furreby, Jelstrup-Lyngby, Harritslev-Rakkeby, Rubjerg-Mårup (partly), Vejby-Sejlstrup, Vrensted-Tise (partly), Vrå-Em), Sindal (1966 Astrup, Hørmested, Lendum, Mosbjerg, Tolne, Ugilt)

Arms (crest) of Hjørring


The arms show St. Catherine, the patron saint of the city. The saint first appears in a seal known since 1469, but the style indicates an early 14th century origin. The present arms are based on a second seal from the 16th century. The arms above have been used since 1974, before the arms had a slightly different design, see below. Those arms were officially granted in 1964.

Seal of Hjørring

Seal from 1469
Seal of Hjørring

Seal from 1585
Seal of Hjørring

Seal from 1648
Arms (crest) of Hjørring

The arms in the Kaffe Hag album, 1933
Arms (crest) of Hjørring

The arms until 1972

Literature: Achen, 1982; Zeuthen, 2000

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