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Region : Päijät-Häme
Former province : Häme

Padasjoki Kuntavaakuna / Kommunvapen

Official blazon

Punaisessa kentässä pata, jonka alapuolella aal­ tokoroinen hirsi; kumpikin hopeaa.


The arms were officially granted on June 17, 1956.

The arms are partly canting. Pada means a place in a river with vortexes, but pata means stew. The arms thus show a kettle as a symbol for 'stew'. Joki means river,which is symbolised by the wavy bar.

Arms of Padasjoki

The arms in the town (source)

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Literature : Pirinen, K. Local coats of arms in Finland (Suomen kunnallisvaakunat), Vantaa, 1982, 216 p.