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National symbols

Administrative division

Slovakia is subdivided into 8 krajov (singular – kraj , usually translated as "region or province", but actual meaning is "county"), each of which is named after its principal city. Provinces have enjoyed a certain degree of autonomy since 2002.

The provinces are subdivided into districts (okresy, sg. okres). Slovakia currently has 79 districts, the capital of Bratislava being divided into 5 districts and the city of Košice in 4 districts. The districts are named after the biggest town in the district (formerly known as the "district towns").

Each district is further divided into towns and municipalities. There are nearly 3000 municipalities and towns in Slovakia.


All provinces and nearly all municipalities have arms. The districts do not use arms.

Coats of arms of Provinces

Coats of arms of municipalities

Arms listed alphabetically

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List of all municipalities in Slovakia
Arms listed by district

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Coats of arms of Regions (non official)

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