Östra Göinge

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Province (Landskap): Skåne
County (Län): Skåne län (until 1997 Kristianstads län)
Additions : 1974 Broby (1952 Emmislöv, Östra Broby), Glimåkra, Hjärås, Knislinge (1952 Gryt, Kviinge)

Arms of Östra Göinge
Official blazon

Sköld delad av silver, vari två korslagda, gröna palmkvistar, och av grönt, vari två korslagda hackor av silver|-

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The arms were officially granted in 1975.

The twig of palm tree is a symbol for peace, and two crossed palm tree twigs can be found in a seal for Eastern Göinge in the time after Skåne became Swedish. In the former arms of Glimåkra there was among other charges a pickaxe, and this is the origin of the two pickaxes in the lower field of the arms.

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