335th Replacement Battalion, US Army

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Coat of arms (crest) of the 335th Replacement Battalion, US Army

Official blazon

Shield: Per fess Azure and Gules a bar abased Argent billety of five Red, in chief a wreath of laurel debruised by a compass rose Or charged with a hurt bearing a fleur-de-lis of fourth.
Crest: That for the regiments and separate battalions of the Army Reserve: From a wreath Or and Azure, the Lexington Minute Man Proper. The statue of the Minute Man, Captain John Parker (H.H. Kitson, sculptor), stands on the Common in Lexington, Massachusetts.


Dark blue and scarlet are the colors of the Adjutant General’s Corps under which the Replacement battalions operate. The bar scattered with billets represents a computer punch tape and refers to the unit’s personnel processing functions. The laurel wreath reflects the battalion motto, “SUPREME ACHIEVEMENT.” It is combined with a compass rose to symbolize the unit’s orientation of troops function. The gold fleur-de-lis signifies the battalions World War II service in northern France.

The coat of arms was originally approved for the 335th Personnel and Administration Battalion on 3 September 1996. It was redesignated effective 16 September 1997 for the 335th Replacement Battalion.

Literature: Image from Olompvo on Pinterest. Information from The Institute of Heraldry, US Army

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