Apsheronsky Rayon

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APSHERONSKY RAYON (Апшеронский район)

Federal subject : Krasnodar Krai

Arms of/Герб Apsheronsky Rayon

Official blazon

В зеленом поле опрокинутое лазоревое остриё, зубчатое подобно еловой кроне, имеющее серебряные тонкие обычную и внутреннюю кайму, обременённое золотым орлом, летящим вправо с воздетыми крыльями и сложенными лапами, и сопровождённое справа золотой с червлёными (красными) плодами ветвью самшита, а слева - дубовой ветвью того же металла.


The arms were granted on March 1, 2006.

The Absheron region is located in the spurs of the Main Caucasian Range and is rich in diverse, picturesque nature. Most of the region is covered with forests; there are many protected areas. The green color of the field is a symbol of health and nature, the twigs refer to the forests.

The silver serrated point with an azure rim symbolises the Guamka gorge, which is up to 400 meters deep, along which the Kurdzhips river flows. The blue border also refers to the healing mineral waters. The flying eagle symbolizes the rich fauna of the region, as well as courage, faith and greatness, and its direction of flight and outstretched wings - striving forward, into the future, ability to overcome difficulties.

Previously the district used a non heraldic design, in different variations:

Coat of arms (crest) of Apsheronsky Rayon
Coat of arms (crest) of Apsheronsky Rayon


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