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Département : Meuse

Blason de Autréville-Saint-Lambert/Arms (crest) of Autréville-Saint-Lambert
Official blazon
French D'azur à la mitre d'or accompagnée en chef de deux fleurs de lis d'or et en pointe d'une épée antique basse d'argent garnie d'or; chaussé d'or, chargé de deux faines éclatées adossées de gueules.
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The arms were officially adopted on October 28, 2022.

The blue and gold are taken from the arms of the Duchy of Bar, to which the area historically belonged. The sword is used as a symbol for a possible explanation of the name from Althar-Heer (old army). The mitre symbolises the Abbey of Mouzon, former overlord of Autréville.

The fleur-de-lys are the symbol for the French Kings and here refer to the ambush into which the escort of King Louis XIV fell, in the area of ​​Autréville, at a place called Trou de Soiry, on August 7, 1657.

The gold refers to the Val de Soupy (Valley of Soupy) area in the municipality.

The beechnuts allude to the beeches and all the trees of the surrounding forests.

The flowering rapeseed stalks around the shield represent agriculture.

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