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Additions: 1974 Basingstoke (Borough), Basingstoke RDC, Kingsclere & Whitchurch RDC

Arms (crest) of Basingstoke and Deane

Official blazon

Arms : Per chevron wavy Or and Argent a Chevronel wavy Azure between in chief two Beech Trees couped and in base a representation of St. Michael habited in Armour proper, a Skirt paly Gules and Argent hemmed Argent, and a Cloak Gules, nimbed and winged Or, brandishing in the dexter hand a Sword proper and standing upon and vulning with a Long Cross pommy Gules held in the sinister hand a Dragon on its back Vert.


The arms were officially granted on ??

The shield forms a kind of heraldic map with the two former Rural Districts of Basingstoke and Kingsclere & Whitchurch symbolised by two beech trees, a predominant feature of the natural scene, on a background of gold representing agriculture. A narrow blue wave in the form of a chevron suggests the Test, Bourne, Loddon and other local rivers watering the district.

Below the chevron is St. Michael and the dragon, which is featured in the ancient seal of the former Borough of Basingstoke and has been used in the past in lieu of a coat of arms. This is as shown in recent versions except that the staff in his left hand is topped with the distinctive St. Michael's Cross, with rounded ends as it is in the ancient seal. This cross may be seen prominently displayed in St. Michael's Church, Basingstoke.

The motto 'Steadfast in Service' is derived from the mottoes of Lord Porchester and the Earls of Carnarvon (Ung Je Serviray) and Lord Portal (Constanter).

The former 'arms' of Basingstoke:

Coat of arms (crest) of Basingstoke and Deane


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